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** in my office**

Started thinking about the whole drama that happened with temi and my mom , I really need to hold kate tight o … She did not even let me explain who that woman was and who really gave birth to the child… While I was thinking funke walked in…

Funke: Good. Day sir

Me: How are you funke

To cut the long story she sha, she invited me over for the weekend to attend her birthday party, I was really angry and annoyed with her, I am trying to fix my life while she’s busy telling me about one birthday party.. She was angry with my decision well I cared less ….

Friday Evening


Someone knocked my door and I was really scared wondering who it might be , started thinking that I was about to be robbed..,

Me: Yes who is that

Susan: It’s me Susan..

I was surprised she came to my apartment at that time of the day , she later explained to me that her mom had travelled and she forgot her key to her friend’s place that she wants to sleep over so that the following day she’ll go back to pick it up….


Still busy watching hip tv special while she slept off on the chair opposite mine, well I actually thought she was asleep but when our so called nepa took off the light I decided to go inside and sleep they brought the light back on my way and to my surprise I saw Susan naked on the chair, immediately I had an erection…. 

She just winked at me and whispered I have been waiting for this moment for so long , I just stood there speechless without being able to do anything and I guessed she noticed that so she decided to take the lead role by unzipping my trouser and when she saw what was really down there she screamed out loud , don’t tell me that is going into me and me as a person that I love ladies being amazed at my size came back to life by kissing her and had a lil session of Romance leaving her unclad , when I penetrated into her she screamed out loud but thanks to the noise coming out from the speakers the neighbors couldn’t hear us or so I thought… 

I started pounding her so had that she was screaming aloud when someone suddenly came to knock my door and when I checked who it was I realized it was Susan’s mom o…

Several thoughts came across my mind that moment.




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