Carryovers won’t stop me from getting varsity degree – Bella Shmurda

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Dangbana Republik frontline act Bella Shmurda has vowed to secure his university degree despite having carryovers to contend with.

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The singer was recently in the news after the Lagos State University (LASU) implored him to return to school for the completion of his degree programme.

Following the school’s tweet, Bella decided to respond via a line from his hit song, “Vision 2020” where he noted four years spent there didn’t impact his life in any way.

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According to him, securing his varsity is not just important for him as a person but for his family.

He said: “My mum is always on my neck and she works in LASU. So definitely to be a responsible child. It’s not definite I will be in class but come on, I must get my degree. That’s the goal.

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“I must finish my carryovers. Though I’m done with school but I have extra year. So I must finish all that.


“And I’ll be glad to do that because it’s what I really want. So, I have to finish up to be that legend, Bella Shmurda.”

He added: “For my school, definitely, I must get my degree. It’s important for me and my family. So shout out to Lagos State University. You guys are good, you guys are the best.”

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